MGAA Service
  • MAGI TOURS provides a diverse range of services for many different types of travel needs, including
  • Fit Travel

    Flexibility is our speciality, and in Egypt our team of highly trained and knowledgeable Tour Managers are experts at tailoring tour arrangements to suit individual guest requirements.

  • Tour Series and Ad-Hoc Groups

    Using our ability to confirm accommodation at competitive prices, and our wide range of products and resources, MAGI TOURS can operate tour series and ad-hoc groups to exact specifications and, if required, under particular corporate identities.

  • Incentive Travel

    At MAGI TOURS we understand that Incentive Groups need special attention to detail, and unusual events and activities, so we have developed a dedicated Incentive Division to provide the most creative itineraries to fit any budget, and operate all programs smoothly and efficiently on the ground. We provide consulting services, creative events and exemplary management of logistics based on an in-depth knowledge of the destination and an understanding of the needs of the incentive and motivation market.

  • Special Interest Groups

    MAGI TOURS is practised at creating exciting & original itineraries for special interest groups, and we can provide specialist guides and lecturers for wildlife, art and cultural tours, as well as themed professional delegations in any field. Our specialised research team, and high level contacts within Egyptian society, guarantees that each group can cover the most relevant sights and activities for their theme, or be able to meet with the top people in their professional field in Egypt.

  • Confrences and Events

    MAGI TOURS has the infrastructure and expertise to cope with the most complex conference and special event arrangements. Pre and post conference facilities include coordinating hotel bookings and conference facilities, with the provision of staff to organise sightseeing excursions for delegates and their spouses.

  • Cruise Ship Shore Excursions Handling

    MAGI TOURS has a dedicated Cruise Division which prepares creative itineraries and runs all ground operations for cruise lines, including shore excursions, transfers, turnarounds, and pre/post-itineraries. Our expertise in this area has made us the largest and most highly respected company in Egypt for 5-star cruise line business.

  • Super-yacht Shorex and Handling

    MAGI TOURS is a founder-member of the Mediterranean Gateway Agency Association (MGAA). MGAA is a professional association of fully licensed, experienced shipping, cruise line and tour operating agents, situated strategically at the three gateways of the Mediterranean:

    • Egypt and the Suez Canal
    • Spain and the Straits of Gibraltar
    • Turkey and the Bosphorus/Dardanelles

    MGAA provides the ultimate service and advice for super yachts, their Captains and passengers whilst passing through the Mediterranean. For further information please visit: