Jordan, Syria and beyond
Offering you great experiences with our combined tours and travel packages!

Combination Tours and Travel Packages covering the highlights of: Greece, Turkey, Egypt, Israel, Jordan and beyond. Provide those wishing to travel to more than one country the opportunity to do so. What better way to spend your time than relaxing on the beautiful Greek Islands combined with a Nile Cruise visiting the ancient sites of the Pharaohs and/or travel overland to explore the cultural and historical highlights of Turkey with its Ottoman Empire heritage - Start your expedition today!

Don't see the option that you would ideally prefer? Send us your request with notes on where you would wish to travel and we will tailor-make a suitable alternative for you.

  • Itineraries are flexible so can start/end from the country of your choice on any dates required.

  • Extra days/overnights can be added or if you have less time the program can be altered.

  • Possible to include other sights in a particular country that are not already noted.